| First Release | 3-22-18 Preview

| First Release | 3-22-18 Preview

Well it is finally here - the first release of Live Restless!! I am extremely excited to be releasing this first batch of limited, hand printed quality clothing. Each design is thought out to deliver a message of motivation to all those who come into contact with our brand. 

Unisex Black "Always Find A Way" Tee. 

        The statement "Always Find A Way" is something I (and sometimes others around me) have to remind me of. There is a way to do everything, the question is whether you are willing to fight to get there or not. 

        These round neck fitted Unisex Tee's are made from a soft cotton/polyester blend that allows for breathability while not having too much of a "athletic" feel and cling to them. The prints are either white lettering or grey lettering on the front. Both styles have grey Live Restless logo printed on the back. 


Unisex Grey "Embrace Discipline" Tee

     Something that is sometimes too easy for me to forget is the importance of Embracing Discipline. Discipline will lead you to new levels in every area of life, the problem is many people are just too afraid of it. 

       These Heather Grey round neck tees are also made of a cotton/polyester blend. The "Embrace Discipline" is printed on the front with a combination of bold hand scripted lettering and flowing cursive to picture the passion and control that make up the process of Embracing Discipline. On the back of the shirt is the Live Restless logo. 

"Live Restless" Decals

     These live restless decals are a great size for your vehicle, laptop, or wherever else you like to support your favorite brands. They are 8 inches across and made from durable white vinyl.


So when exactly is this first release happening? 9pm EST on March 22. We hope you all enjoy and love our products as much as we do!