About Us

What is Live Restless?

Live Restless is more than just a brand. It is a lifestyle. In a world where we are told to accept our lives how they are, we strive for more. In our brand, we deliver limited and hand printed products. For this reason, what you see in our store today, you may never see again. Because we hand print all of our clothing, every piece is unique and may contain slight imperfections (character) and differences. Life is made up of experiences - what we wear should be an experience as well. Whether you wake up with a passion for fitness, the outdoor world, your job, or any other personal goals and desires, Live Restless is here to remind you to conquer, achieve, and enjoy every single moment of your life. When you put on your Live Restless gear, let it remind you to make progress every single day. Always find a way. Live Restless.

- Dante DiCamillo - Owner/CEO